About Choral Tracks

Choral Tracks offers the highest quality, professionally sung rehearsal tracks for choral singers of all levels, promoting independent, accurate, and expressive singing. Founder Matthew Curtis, recent Tenor and Assistant Music Director for the world-renowned vocal ensemble Chanticleer, has recorded the entirety of the Choral Tracks catalog providing an excellent model of intonation, diction, expressivity, rhythm, healthy singing, and style.

Matthew started Choral Tracks in 2012 to empower singers with a new tool to practice their music on their own outside of rehearsal and also to promote more artistry in choirs’ rehearsals and performances.

"I have sung in so many different choir experiences in my life and have conducted hundreds of masterclasses around the world with Chanticleer and on my own. It is certainly true that reading music is a challenge for most singers because it is hard, and most choir singers do not have professional training. Also, most choirs spend a large majority of rehearsal time pounding notes to learn them leaving only a little time for artistry and ensemble. My mission is to provide the tools to make this process easier, more fun, and far more efficient.

My tracks are designed to be that strong, confident singer next to you in rehearsal who you can lean into to help you hear and learn your part. My tracks provide a professional example of all aspects of choral singing including pitch, rhythm, intonation, beautiful tone, diction, foreign language pronunciation, phrasing, musicality, and artistry. My mission in music education is not to be the music teacher or choir director up in front of you but rather that strong singer in your section next to you whom you can trust and count on to show you the way."

- Matthew Curtis