Purchase Orders from School and Church accounts

Choral Tracks is very happy to accept your purchase orders and check payments for whatever purchases you need. This applies to schools, colleges, universities, churches, and any other organization. 

Here is how to order with a Purchase Order:

1. Purchase from the website by selecting "Purchase Order" or "Pay By Check" at checkout. 

I will then contact you by email as soon as possible to give you the product up front and make sure you have the information you need to process payment by check or credit card. 

2. Email your Purchase Order to info@choraltracks.com

3. Fax your Purchase Order to 1-888- 608-7746

4. Mail your Purchase Order to:

Choral Tracks LLC
4 Cielo Ln #5e
Novato, CA 94949

If you have any other specific considerations such as a customized invoice with a certain date marked or if you need a w9 form to set Choral Tracks up has a vendor, please email Matthew Curtis at info@choraltracks.com

Thank you!

Matthew Curtis
Founder/CEO of ChoralTracks.com