Choir Festivals and Honor Choirs

Choral Tracks is the perfect solution for Choir Festivals and Honor Choirs who need their singers to know their music on day 1. There is always limited rehearsal time, and prepared singers allow for rehearsals featuring artistry and ensemble instead of pounding note learning.

Pricing Information

Each choir festival and honor choir is different, and we quote prices on an individual basis depending on the music and number of singers and such. Contact us to find out more!

Choral Tracks - Full Choir Singers
Music note and sound bars

Get a Full Choir Experience

Balanced voices tracks for each piece give a full choir balanced volume mix to hear a piece of music as a full performance.

New songs added monthly to Choral Tracks.

Tracks for Each Voice Part

Part predominant tracks for each voice part are the perfect place to start as the highlighted voice part is at a much higher volume with the other parts in the background for reference.

Listen to Choral Tracks songs on any device

Accompaniment Only Tracks

Accompaniment tracks offer the perfect way to practice singing independently without the reference of any singing, and they can even be used in full choir rehearsals.

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