Twitterlieder TTBB - James Eakin III

Tenor and baritone voice soli, TTBB choir, piano or chamber ensemble - Intermediate
Composed by James Granville Eakin. Multi-Movement/Large Choral Work. Secular, 21st century. TTBB piano/choral score. With text: Charles Anthony Silvestri. Galaxy Music Corporation #1.3420. Published by Galaxy Music Corporation (EC.1.3420).

Item Number: EC.1.3420

ISBN 600313134203. English.

#twitterlieder chronicles life from birth to old age. It is comprised of 15 tweets, with no more than 140 characters in each. This work is in in three acts: Act I (Youth), Act II (Middle Age), and Act III (Old Age). At the conclusion of each act, an unaccompanied "Greek Chorus" comments on the previous life events and contains the only tweets in the work that rhyme. The very essence of tweeting is brevity, and this is reflected in the duration of each movement; a vignette in a life unfolding. The total duration of the complete work is approximately 25 minutes. However, if a shorter version is desired, the work may be approached in modular manner. For example, a conductor may choose to perform only one of the acts, only two or three from each act, only the unaccompanied choruses, etc. Whichever path you choose, I truly hope you enjoy performing this work. -James Eakin Chamber Ensemble option includes: Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello, Piano, Drum Set, opt. Double Bass.

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