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Questions About Choral Tracks Membership Plans

  1. Can I make purchases without a Choral Tracks Membership?
    1. Not at this time.
  2. How do I sign up for a Choral Tracks Membership?
    1. Step 1: Click “Register” in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage.
    2. Step 2: Fill out your information, select which membership plan you would like, and enter in credit/debit card details.
    3. Step 3: Click register.
  3. What do I receive with a Choral Tracks Membership?
    1. Individual monthly and yearly members receive streaming access to the entire catalog, mobile devices supported, and iOS and Android apps.
    2. Full Choir members receive streaming access to the entire catalog, mobile devices supported, iOS and Android apps, plus they can request recordings of songs not in our catalog, guaranteed tracks for all music they're singing, and the ability to pay with a purchase order.
  4. What are the Choral Tracks Membership costs / fees?
    1. The Individual Monthly Membership fee is $12.99 per 1 month. The Individual Yearly Membership is $129.99 per year. The Full Choir Membership fee is $999.99 per 1 year.
  5. How do I cancel my Choral Tracks Membership?
    1. Step 1: Login to your account.
    2. Step 2: Click on your name. This will make a drop-down menu appear.
    3. Step 3: Click my plans
    4. Step 4: Click on the blue “Cancel Subscription” button located on the right-hand side of the screen.
    5. Step 5: Let us know why you are canceling your subscription.
  6. If I cancel my subscription, will I still have access to Choral Tracks?
    1. No. Once your membership is canceled you will no longer have access to your Choral Tracks account.
  7. Can I purchase downloads without a Membership?
    1. No, you need to have a membership to purchase downloads.
  8. Will I be automatically charged when my 7-day free trial is over?
    1. Yes.
  9. Can I order for my entire school district and receive a discount?
    1. Yes! Contact us today for more information.
  10. Do I need to install any special software to download titles or use the site?
    1. No, you can use the website on any device.
  11. Can I get a refund on my Membership recurring payment?
    1. If you need to cancel your Individual Monthly Membership, Individual Yearly Membership, or Full Choir Membership, you can do so on your Account dashboard online or by contacting us. We can consider refunds for a prorated amount for the duration of the subscription if need be. To do so, please Contact Us.
  12. Can I stream audio when my device is offline not connected to WiFi or data?
    1. Not at this time.

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