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Published on 05 May 2019

Welcome to! My name is Matthew Curtis, and I am the Founder and voice behind the rehearsal tracks you will find on this website. My tracks are the highest quality on the market featuring real singing, expressive interpretation of the music, and clear diction. They are the perfect tool to empower you to practice your music on your own wherever you are on any device. You can then feel confident and prepared at your choir rehearsals. I have been singing in professional choirs my entire life including Chanticleer, San Francisco Symphony Chorus, Santa Fe Desert Chorale, and The Rose Ensemble. I bring my diverse array of experience and my talent into my rehearsal tracks to give you the best possible guide for success. 

My catalog contains rehearsal tracks for 15,000 pieces of choral music, and for each piece, you will find 3 different kinds of tracks...

Balanced Voices tracks - This is a full choir recording with all voice parts balanced at equal volume. Balanced Voices tracks are great at the end of your practice process as you are putting everything together

Part Predominant tracks - Part Predominant tracks are a great place to start as your voice part is significantly louder in the volume mix than the rest of the voices. Your part is loud enough to very clearly hear your part, and the rest of the tracks are at about 10% volume to still provide that full choir reference. 

Accompaniment tracks - If you want to practice independently and really challenge yourself, try practice with the Accompaniment track that only plays the accompaniment with no voices. 

Thank you so much for checking out my website and my tracks!!! I would love to connect with you further. Let me know if you have any questions, and look for me on social media. 

Matthew Curtis

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