Customize Your Practice with By Changing the Tempo

Published on 31 Jul 2019

Tempo adjustment is both a tool of interpretive artistry as well as an effective way of practicing challenging musical passages. Score markings such as Allegro, Moderato, and Andante can be interpreted in many different ways. That's why we built our Choral Tracks audio player to give you the tempo flexibility playback you need to match your own interpretation. Are you working on a piece in a fast tempo or with a few challenging passages? Slow it down! Learn at your own pace. The Choral Tracks audio bar gives you the flexibility to slow the tempo down or speed it up by using the tempo icon and we’re going to walk you through how.

How to Change a Tracks Tempo

Start by logging in to your Choral Tracks account by clicking or tapping the “Login” link in the main menu and entering your email address and password, and then click or tap the “Login” button. After you’re logged in to your account, either search for your song by clicking “Search” at the top of the page and entering the song’s title, or in the navigation menu click on Mixed Voices, Treble Voices, or TB Voices under Voicing, or click on Masterworks. Then either click or tap on the song name or the “Explore” button to go to the song you need to practice. Find the track you want to work on and click or tap play to listen to it. 

Now that you’re listening to the track your audio bar will appear. On the right side of your audio bar there’s an icon that looks like this: “1x”. This icon is your tempo icon. By hovering or tapping on the “1x” icon you’ll see the tempo bar. To change the tempo to be slower or faster you can either:

  • Click or tap the line above the number you want
  • Click, hold, and drag or touch and drag the blue playhead left or right along the line
Adjust the tempo in the Choral Tracks audio bar

Press play to check if that tempo works for you. If it doesn’t, you can leave the track playing and change the tempo again. You’ll be able to hear right away if the new tempo works well or not. Keep changing it until you get the tempo you want and then practice away.

Different Song, Same Tempo 

The tempo will stay the same as you go from one song track to another in your playlist, queue, and as you navigate the Choral Tracks website. If you want to change the tempo to something else for a different track, follow the above instructions to speed up or slow down the tempo for that specific track.


We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it helps you improve your practicing. Let us know if you have any questions by either leaving them here in the comments or sending us an email.
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