Agnus Dei - Requiem in D minor K. 626 (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

By: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

Sung By: Matthew Curtis

Runtime: 3 minutes

Major work: Requiem in D minor K. 626 (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

Publisher: Public Domain

Language: Latin

Instrumentation: Full Orchestra

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791) is beloved and respected as one of the most influential and prolific composers of the Classical era. A child prodigy, he showed exemplary skill at the keyboard and violin from a very young age, and began composing by the age of five. He composed in many genres and showed equal skill in opera, symphonic works, solos, chamber music, choral works, and masses. A cosmopolitan composer, Mozart—along with his friend Franz Joseph Haydn—traveled frequently outside of his Austrian homeland, but the majority of his working years were spent in Salzburg and Vienna. His Requiem Mass (begun by Mozart and completed by Franz Süssmayr after Mozart’s untimely death) remains an audience favorite, and may be performed either in its full concert form or in a liturgical setting. Mozart’s compositions were influential on many of his peers as well as composers of succeeding generations, including Beethoven.
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