Abendlied, Op. 69, No. 3 (Josef Rheinberger)

By: Rheinberger, Josef

Sung By: Matthew Curtis

Runtime: 3 minutes

Publisher: Public Domain

Language: German

Instrumentation: Acappella

Bleib bei uns, denn es will Abend werden, und der Tag hat sich geneiget.

Bide with us, for evening shadows darken, and the day will soon be over.

The text is from Luke's gospel. The context is the famous encounter on the road to Emmaus (not to be confused with Paul's on the road to Damascus); two disciples of Jesus, after the crucifixion but before they've been convinced of the Resurrection, are going despondently about their business; they meet with (as they think) a stranger on the road, tell him of their disappointment in the one they had hoped to be the Messiah, get in response a lengthy scriptural disquisition purportedly showing that the Messiah would inevitably suffer the fate Jesus had suffered, and -- here is our text -- invite him to stay with them for dinner, since it's getting late. He does, and as he breaks bread with them (1) they suddenly realise it's Jesus they've been talking to and (2) he vanishes.

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