How Premium Works

Tracks for 100% of music that you program in the year

This both my existing catalog and new pieces. For new pieces I need sheet music at least 3-4 weeks in advance to record. This applies to Premium Choir accounts only. Premium Individual Accounts have access to my existing catalog only.

Create a subaccount for each of your singers

Take your singers Roster and make a unique account for each of your singers with their email address as the username and an easy to communicate password. Each singer has their own Premium subaccount and can practice on their own.

Set your concert repertoire list

Add songs to a Concert List saved on your account and all of your singers subaccounts to immediately find the repertoire you are working on.

Don’t need Premium full-program tracks coverage?

I also sell downloads and CDs for individual song purchases for both full choirs and individual singers

I love Purchase Orders and School Accounts!

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Who are my customers?


Full track coverage streaming subscription plans and single-song download/CD sale options priced for both full choirs and individual singers.

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Hire me to bring your composition to life by recording a demo. Email me at to get a quote.

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Choir Festivals/Honor Choirs

Hire me to provide tracks to your Festival singers! I work with many ACDA and NafMe organizations.

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